Download WinZip 26 Key for Windows [32bit/64bit]

With each passing day on the computer becomes more and more information, as a result of this occupies precious disk space. To free up disk space without deleting information, you can add it to an archive, which would be enough to download WinZip. This will reduce the amount of space on PC drives, if necessary, information can be extracted from the archive for use.

There are several programs for adding information to the archive, but the most popular are WinRar and, of course, this one. Today we will consider the second most popular archiving program. This archiver supports ZIP, CAB, TAR, gzip, UUencode, XXencode, BinHex, and MIME archive formats. In addition, it can work with ARJ, LZH and ARC formats when using external applications. For a home computer, these formats are quite enough.

WinZip Pro is built into the Explorer menu, and this is done for convenience. During compression, the application itself chooses a method based on the analysis of the file to be compressed. This maximizes the compression of the files and, as a result, they take up less space. Almost all of the actions are accompanied by a task wizard.

Now it’s not just a tool that allows you to work with archives, at the moment it allows you to create backups of important data. Moreover, it is possible to send them via email or upload them to a remote server, and all this can happen automatically, that is, without any user interaction. Finally I would like to add that the program supports data encryption, using 128 and 256-bit encryption.

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Working with WinZip in Windows 7

The Corel archiver is based on two compression technologies: ZIP and ZIPX. In the first case, 4 levels of compression are available. ZIPX format offers compression using different algorithms: bzip2, PPMd as well as LZMA/LZMA2.

The latter pair of technologies is also used in the 7z archiver. The utility is inferior to WinZip in the number of additional functions, but excels in “light weight”, ease of use and free license.

Alternatively WinZip allows creating LHA-containers, as well as generating all kinds of archive types: self-extracting, multi-volume, protected (AES-128 and AES-256 algorithms) and UUE encoded. The last option is useful for sending binary emails.

Along with the basic functions of compressing/uncompressing the MIR, the archiver has many additional features:

  • converting to PDF format;
  • adding watermarks;
  • direct burning of containers to optical disks;
  • backups;
  • integration with social networks and cloud storage.

Most of these options are present in the mobile editions of WinZip for iOS and Android platforms.


WinZip is distributed free of charge with a trial period of 45 days. At the end of the period, the program requires a registration key.

You can get it by purchasing one of the licenses: standard, PRO with extended functionality, and combined (e-mail courier included).

All WinZip features

  • creating archives in ZIP and LHA format, opening ZIP, ZIPX, BZ2, RAR, ISO, IMG, 7Z, TAR, CAB, GZIP, LHA, LZH, TZ, Z, XXE, etc;
  • at the end of the archive creation process you will see a window with information on how much the files have been compressed (this information can be disabled);
  • supports encryption of archives and dividing into parts (the size of the part can be selected from a list, or you can enter your own arbitrary size);
  • There is a converter of text files in PDF format;
  • Built-in computer performance tester;
  • storage of archives remotely, in the cloud;
  • function “Share”, which allows you to send archives by mail or on a social networking site;
  • create self-extracting archives;
  • the ability to share captured photos from a computer camera and scanned images from a connected scanner (MFP).

Main advantages

  • in “win zip” it is convenient to work with files that are in remote storage;
  • there is a built-in tool for setting up backups on your computer;
  • there are unique tools for image processing: changing their size during archiving and watermarking.


  • does not support the Drug’n’Drop feature;
  • the interface is too cluttered with elements, compared to other archivers.

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The latest version of WinZip free download in Russian is available on our website. Alternatively, a number of previous releases of the archiver are available.

All utilities work free of charge only during the trial period. To further use the program you need to contact the official website of the developer for a license.

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