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Windows Server 2019, the latest version of the operating system for enterprises and corporations, specifically designed with cloud service, is already available. This version for Windows 8 servers offers a scalable and dynamic infrastructure that guarantees secure connections in the professional sphere.

Helps your business finances

Windows Server 2019 provides cost savings for any organization. Microsoft recognizes the effort that goes into investing in technology. With the benefits of Server 2019, resources are maximized and new solutions are offered that can reduce the cost of management and operations.

windows 2019 iso

Some features of Windows Server 2019

  • Suitable for enterprises and data centers of all sizes.
  • Updated Hyper-V.
  • Can be used by users on the go or via remote connectivity.
  • New ReFS file system.
  • 4 editions to choose from depending on your needs.

Download Windows Server 2019 and experience the benefits it offers your company or institution.

Windows Server 2019 is based on the Windows Server 2016 platform and provides a wide range of infrastructure deployments of various sizes and functionalities, including cloud services, virtualization systems, file storage and containers with Windows and Linux applications.

The operating system is available in Standard and Datacenter editions. Their main difference is that Standard comes with two virtual servers, and Datacenter comes with an unlimited number. For each edition of Windows Server two installation options are available:

  • Server Core (Server Core). The default installation option. It is the fastest and most resource-efficient installation because it does not have a graphical interface. The operating system is installed with a PowerShell command line interface.
  • Server with Desktop Experience. Installing server components with a graphical environment similar to the Windows 10 interface and a PowerShell console.

When developing the system, the developers focused on four areas:

  • Hybrid Cloud. The new server OS provides convenient sharing with Azure cloud services. For convenient and centralized management of servers, clusters and workstations, the new Windows Admin Center is available with a feature-rich web-based dashboard. On-demand application compatibility for major server components (FOD) greatly improves application compatibility.
  • Security. Built-in Defender ATP and Defender Exploit Guard technologies hamper unauthorized system access and exploitation of vulnerabilities and detect attacks at the memory and kernel level. Additional protection is provided by Network Protection, Exploit Protection, Controlled File Access and Attack Direction Reduction (ASR).
  • Application Platform. Containers are available in the system to run both Windows applications and containers for Linux, which are significantly reduced in size.
    Hyperconverged infrastructure. Combining both storage and compute resources in a single server reduces costs and has good scalability.

Windows Server 2019 has a new data migration tool, Storage Migration Service. First, the data on all servers is analyzed, then files, folders, and configurations are migrated, followed by management interception and ID and network settings swapping from the old server to the new one. This process can be controlled in the Windows Admin Center. Thus, individual users and applications will not have to make any changes to settings.

windows 2019 iso

New Windows Server 2019 features

  • Centralized management with Windows Admin Center.
  • System analytics based on machine learning.
  • Hybrid cloud for application and service sharing.
  • Increased network performance for virtual workloads.
  • New fault-tolerant clustering capabilities.
  • New capabilities in storage replication.
  • Linux support.
  • Security enhancements.
  • Storage migration service.
  • Improvements to containers.
  • High performance SDN gateways.
  • Virtual network encryption.
  • Data transfer with Low Extra Delay Background Transport algorithm.
  • Support for non-volatile memory for Hyper-V virtual machines.


Windows Server 2019 is a powerful operating system designed for businesses and organizations of all sizes. With a host of new features and improvements, it offers enhanced security, improved performance, and increased flexibility. The new Storage Migration Service and System Insights features make it easier for IT administrators to manage their server infrastructure, while the improved Windows Defender and Shielded Virtual Machines provide better security for sensitive data.

Overall, Windows Server 2019 is a reliable and versatile platform for running applications and services, whether on-premises or in the cloud. If you are looking for a powerful and secure server operating system, Windows Server 2019 is definitely worth considering.

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