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WindowBlinds is a popular and unique program with which you can change the visual appearance of almost any part of Windows. It’s great for interface design and much more. Also with WindowBlinds you can work with animations, and you can work with sound, as well as work with icons and toolbars. It modifies the GUI options of your operating system and adds GUI options that you may want to adjust – for instance, the position of newer keys in the windows to control more commonly used applications.

The latter can be customized by changing colors, textures, wallpaper. They can also be borrowed from the site WinCustomize. There are settings for fonts, you can change the transparency of windows, change the background of Explorer windows. Adjusted and finished design is quickly saved. Applications that have pop-up windows can be changed so that they use one-of-a-kind display styles that differ from the main theme.

The developers offer the ability to include a random design that is in the collection each time you turn on your computer. This will appeal to users who do not tolerate monotony. The software is easy to install and easy to use.

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Users of the program have the ability to customize Windows Aero themes, set fonts and window transparency, as well as change the background of Explorer windows. Customized themes can be saved as presets. Individual program windows can be customized to use their own unique display styles different from the current theme. If prolonged use of the same theme makes you tired, WindowBlinds can change the current theme to a random one from the collection every time you turn on your computer.

Key features and functions

  • many built-in themes to change the appearance of the system;
  • support for themes from the WinCustomize site;
  • fine-tuning of themes (transparency, font, background, etc.);
  • the possibility of assigning to applications a unique appearance that differs from the used theme;
  • the ability to automatically change the theme on Windows startup.

Limitations of the free version

  • 30 days free use;
  • limited use of textures.

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What’s new in this version?

  • Added the ability to apply design themes to applications;
  • added blurring of inactive area (for Windows 10 Anniversary and later);
  • added the ability to preview the taskbar appearance in Windows 10;
  • improved display of some themes with window titles;
  • added ability to completely hide some Explorer components;
  • improved work with different DPI settings;
  • added option to use the standard Windows menus;
  • added option to change the system color through AccentColour;
  • Improved display of Mozilla themes.


WindowBlinds 8 is a powerful and user-friendly software that allows users to customize the appearance of their Windows desktops in a multitude of ways. Its easy-to-use interface and vast selection of skins, themes, and visual styles provide endless possibilities for personalization and creativity. With the ability to customize everything from the window borders and taskbar to the icons and fonts, WindowBlinds 8 gives users the ability to truly make their desktops their own.

Moreover, the software is designed to be lightweight and optimized for performance, ensuring that it does not consume too many system resources while running. It also offers compatibility with Windows 8 and Windows 10, making it a versatile tool for anyone looking to enhance the appearance of their desktop.

Overall, if you’re looking to transform the look and feel of your Windows desktop, WindowBlinds 8 is definitely worth checking out. With its comprehensive customization options and smooth performance, it is a top choice for anyone seeking to personalize their computing experience.

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