Download Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 for Windows

Microsoft Visual Studio is a set of specialized utilities and tools designed for application developers.

It contains most of the necessary developer tools for releasing full-featured programs, including those with graphical UI. With Visual Studio you can create applications for all popular platforms, both desktop and mobile: iOS, iPadOS, macOS and several others.

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General information about the program

The development environment is designed for writing, testing, and running code. A wide range of different utilities included in Visual Studio allows you to design and develop full-fledged applications using graphical user interface without involving third-party software. In addition to developing programs for desktop and desktop operating systems, you can also develop web-applications.

The already considerable functionality can be extended through the use of third-party plug-ins. Recent versions of the application place great emphasis on expanding the means for collaborative development. Many improvements and additions have been made to ensure effective teamwork on projects of any size.

Functionality of Microsoft Visual Studio

Visual Studio provides both standard tools in such software – debugger, code editor, and in-house developments. Besides, third-party solutions implemented in the form of plugins are also available. A large number of automated features are used to increase productivity: machine prompts, automatic code cleanup, refactoring. IntelliSense function allows you to work with documentation on the program interactively, getting the necessary information right at the time of writing the code. As in all Microsoft products, the application has a smart search line, which makes it much easier to find the right menu item or functionality description.

The list of key features and benefits is as follows:

  • proprietary compiler;
  • the ability to deploy the application with your own tools;
  • code editor, including autocompletion and formatting tools;
  • code debugging.

Automated code refactoring capabilities, which include support for different languages, help simplify the code writing process. Overall, Microsoft Visual Studio is a good choice for both beginners and professional-level developers.

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What’s new in this app
  • New UI bug fixing tools for XAML.
  • Reduced number of authentication messages required to access cloud services integrated into Visual Studio.
  • More version control thanks to CodeLens enhancements.
  • Creation of so-called Code Maps that allow us to better understand your code dependencies.
  • Improved diagnostic tools that now support 64-bit Windows Store apps.
  • New Android emulator that is now compatible with OpenGL ES, Android 5.0 (Lollipop, API level 21), camera interaction using image files or webcam, and multi-touch inputs.
  • Multi-Device Hybrid Apps for Visual Studio is now called Visual Studio Tools for Apache Cordova and increases the number of devices that can be tweaked.

Overall, this integrated development environment (API) has become more modern to offer its users much more possibilities, in terms of app development, whether for Android, iOS, Windows or Windows Phone, as well as web applications or cloud applications.


Visual Studio 2015 is an excellent development environment that provides an abundance of new features and enhancements to help developers create better and more efficient applications. With the addition of support for Windows 10, developers can now create apps for the latest operating system.

Visual Studio 2015 is a comprehensive tools suite that is sure to meet the needs of any developer. With its comprehensive set of features, Visual Studio 2015 is an ideal choice for anyone looking for an easy to use and featurerich development environment.

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