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Sleek Bill for India is not a Freemium billing tool designed with the following principle in mind: no matter how small your business is, meeting as efficient, professional and organized is paramount. We put our 7+ years of experience in developing invoicing software on the job to create Sleek Bill for India and provide you with the best user experience in dealing with your billing needs. Create custom, responsive invoices, print or send finished documents, either via email or as a PDF to your customers, all on the flat, right from Sleek Bill to India Dashboard. Plus, our billing software handles all calculations for you, completely eliminating the risk of error and the costs associated with those errors.

We know how valuable your time is, so this billing software comes with a smart feature that’s designed to help you save time learning pretty much everything you tell it, remembering exactly when you need it and automatically completing documents with the necessary data in a simple seconds. Take advantage of smart reporting features such as filters designed to help you sort through hundreds of documents in no time. Our free billing software puts your entire document history at a click away.

Sleek Bill for India is available in free and premium license versions to better meet your needs. Last but not least, we are always here to help you. Just send us an email with any problem or suggestion and we’ll get back to you. Start impressing customers with beautiful invoices today.

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What’s new in this issue

  • Tax group from Tax2 to (amount + Tax1) for Octroi
  • Net amount received, specified in the invoice (if activated)
  • Ability to add shipping labels (e.g. electronic sugam) of invoices from “Advanced Options”
  • Ability to cancel invoice- this returns all stock and wipe quantity due to
  • Excise invoice- ability to add tax step to excise
  • Improvement: now A5 invoice can have several pages
  • New customer billing fields: VAT, RAA and comp details: VAT not
  • Option to make an invoice with citation

What’s new in version 2.0.3

  • Added possibility to show the Total number of words in the documents on
  • Added option Authorized Signature Filler on invoices
  • Added option to “round up” the total amount
  • Added RNN, PAN and tax number with company details
  • Added new, smaller document size for invoices and quotes: A5
  • Fixed balanced stock issue
  • Added separate, dedicated installer version for partners
  • Free users can now activate premium through the “license key” field
  • Estimates is now renamed to Quotes
  • RNN can now be displayed as a column in the export client XLS
  • Space for “Notes” has been dramatically increased

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Downloading Sleek Bill is an excellent choice for individuals or businesses looking for a simple yet powerful billing software. With its user-friendly interface, customizable invoice templates, and robust reporting features, Sleek Bill makes it easy to manage your invoicing and billing processes.

Additionally, the software offers a range of pricing plans to suit different needs and budgets, making it accessible to both small and large businesses. Overall, Sleek Bill is a reliable and efficient billing solution that can help streamline your invoicing processes and improve your business’s financial management.

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