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PRTG Network Monitor is an agentless network monitoring software. it allows you to easily monitor your IT infrastructure. This software, developed by Paessler, covers all systems, devices and applications that require monitoring and is great for businesses of all types and sizes. A free 30-day trial version is available for unlimited use, which converts to a free version that can monitor up to 100 sensors.

What are the advantages of PRTG Network Monitor?

Originally called Paessler Router Traffic Grapher, PRTG Network Monitor is an all-in-one comprehensive monitoring solution for business clients. You don’t need to get any additional plug-ins or downloads, as the program already provides what you need and even more features to choose from. This includes the ability to monitor just about everything running on your network system – from detailed application statistics and total server capacity to bandwidth status and stability of your local network.

To do this, it uses “sensors,” which are specific aspects that you can monitor on a device or system. This can be a switch port, the database of the server you are using, your computer’s CPU utilization, a specific URL, and even network traffic. In addition, protocols such as SNMP, WMI, and SSH are supported and integrated into PRTG, making it easy to access data on your devices.

This is great because they ensure that the software remains completely agentless – you never need to install anything on your devices for it to work properly. However, a mobile version is available that allows you to keep track of your IT settings when you’re on the go. In addition, you don’t need a database before installing PRTG because it already comes with the software. This handy tool is even capable of tracking multiple locations with remote probes.

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Is the PRTG free?

The strengths of PRTG Network Monitor are its simplicity. of use and deep customization. This program provides both a web interface and a desktop client interface that are easy to configure. Their layouts make it easy to know exactly where to go, but creating your own network maps can be a bit tricky, as the whole process requires a steep learning curve. Despite this, PRTG’s map builder allows you to create detailed real-time maps with real-time status information that you can share with others.

Not only that, but PRTG gives high priority to alerts and notifications of any problems detected, whether serious errors or just unusual readings. This program comes with many built-in mechanisms for this, such as email, SMS and even automatic messages in productivity applications such as Slack and Microsoft Teams. These alerts are quite flexible and can be configured to be sent only during certain business hours or display custom text.

PRTG is a serious contender in its market. However, it may lose out to its competitors because of its “per sensor” licensing scheme. Its free trial version eventually turns into a free version that has no time limit and supports up to 100 sensors. However, you can easily run out of them depending on how many devices you want to cover. If you want more, you must upgrade to a commercial license – there are 6 options, from a minimum of 500 to none at all with its XL1 and Enterprise license.

Justifies its price

Overall, PRTG Network Monitor is a versatile software for all your business IT monitoring needs. It is easy to use and configure once you get the hang of it. It also offers features that beginners and experienced IT users alike can appreciate. Although its sensor-based pricing scheme may lag behind other device-oriented software licensing, its high performance and ease-of-use are still no laughing matter. It is a recommended tool for businesses of all sizes.


  • Ease of use and deployment
  • Customizable interfaces
  • Flexible alerts and notifications
  • Free version has no time limit


  • Available sensors can easily run out
  • Relatively steep learning curve for building network cards

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PRTG Network Monitor is a comprehensive and powerful network monitoring software that provides real-time insights into your network performance. Its intuitive interface, customizable dashboards, and advanced reporting capabilities make it a valuable tool for IT professionals and network administrators.

With its advanced features and capabilities, PRTG Network Monitor can help you identify and resolve network issues quickly, ensuring optimal network performance and uptime. Whether you’re managing a small business network or a large enterprise infrastructure, PRTG Network Monitor is a valuable tool for maintaining network reliability and performance.

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