Download ProShow Producer 8 for Windows [32bit/64bit]

ProShow Producer is the new version of the program for creating professional presentations, which contains hundreds of new features and an updated interface. By downloading the application at you will be able to work with layers and get the opportunity to use an unlimited number of layers for each slide. The tool supports transparency for PSD, PNG, TIFF and GIF files and lets you use layer masks, transition effects, gradient fills and color fills.

Photos used in your presentation can be edited with tools such as sharpening, contrast, and color saturation. The presentation can contain captions, including animated ones, and background music. The finished project can be saved in one of fourteen formats, including HD Video, Flash, and QuickTime.

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Hardware acceleration of visualization:

  • ProShow 6 uses the graphics card processor (GPU) to accelerate presentations.
  • This makes it more comfortable to create high-resolution presentations, including Full HD.
  • It also reduces the distortion of photos due to changing resolution during rendering and zooming.
  • And, of course, it reduces jitter and fidgeting by smoothly balancing the load between the CPU and the graphics card processor.
  • In addition, the system automatically disables hardware acceleration on older systems, or if hardware acceleration is not supported.

Horizontal and vertical tilt (perspective):

  • Adding perspective effect to layers.
  • Independent control of horizontal and vertical tilt.
  • Using keyframes to create complex effects with tilt.
  • Applying tilt by dragging icons centered on the edges of each layer.
  • Precise control of tilt with scroll bars and margin edits.
  • Control the types of motion (how the tilt is accelerated or slowed down).
  • Copy tilt parameters between keyframes, layers and slides.
  • Adding modifiers for tilt values.

New Effects Manager:

  • The new Effects Manager (Service ? Effects Management) replaces the Styles and Transitions management windows.
  • Manage, create, and apply effects from a single window.
  • Apply slide styles to any number of selected slides.
  • Theme management without opening the presentation wizard.
  • Import any number of styles, transitions, and themes at once.
  • Improved import allows you to resolve conflicts for all files instead of having to click “OK” for each one.
  • Improved export makes it easy to specify a folder when exporting multiple items.
  • Export and import presentation wizard themes.
  • Display and hide any number of selected styles or transitions at a time.
  • Create styles and transitions directly from the Effects Control window.
  • Easily show or hide elements with a couple of mouse clicks.
  • Different window sizes allow you to see more effects on larger screens.

Improvement of the presentation wizard:

  • A new automatic presentation dynamism level forces the music and content to end at the same time.
  • The new Remix function allows you to open selected slides (or the entire presentation) in a wizard to remix them.
  • Improved support for square images makes it easier to use photos from services such as Instagram.

Improved collection of presentation files:

  • Collecting presentation files now ensures that the presentation is saved before you begin.
  • After collection, ProShow provides a choice between opening the newly collected presentation or returning to the original presentation.
  • The improved collection system now collects unused content that is still referenced (such as hidden backgrounds and watermarks).

ProShow Producer features

  • Creating professional presentations and slideshows;
  • Adding special effects, transitions, and styles;
  • Publish projects on YouTube and Facebook;
  • Support for more than 100 media formats;
  • Increase the clarity and change the contrast of the image;
  • Record content to DVD and Blu-ray discs;
  • Using a mask, layer and fill color;
  • Applying watermarks on the finished project;
  • Hardware rendering acceleration;
  • Saving videos in Flash, QuickTime, and HD Video formats.

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  • Adding transparency effect to PSD, PNG, TIFF, GIF files;
  • Ready templates for creating complex presentations;
  • Modern interface with user-friendly controls;
  • The program supports working with layers;
  • Numerous tools for creating slideshows;
  • The new version of ProShow by Photodex is optimized with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10;
  • Full HD video processing;
  • Overlay background music on projects.


  • The trial version of the program is valid for 15 days;
  • Rather high system requirements.


ProShow Producer 8 is a powerful and feature-packed software for creating professional-quality slideshows and presentations. With its intuitive interface, advanced editing tools, and extensive range of effects and templates, it offers users a great deal of creative freedom and flexibility.

Whether you’re a professional photographer or videographer, or simply someone who wants to create impressive slideshows for personal use, ProShow Producer 8 is definitely worth considering. And with its easy-to-use download process, it’s easy to get started with this software and start creating stunning presentations in no time.

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