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PowerISO is a program for working with disk images of different formats. The application is supported by Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8/8.1 and 10 with x86 and x64 architectures (each bit mode has its own PowerISO version), the interface is translated into Russian.

How to Use Poweriso?

PowerISO is a multifunctional program with various useful tools for working with disk images, copying/writing data to disks, creating bootable media, etc. Let’s take a closer look at the application’s functionality.

A large number of supported image formats. PowerISO supports a variety of image file formats such as DAA (a format developed by the creators of PowerISO), ISO, BIN, CUE, MDF, MDS, ASHDISC, BWI, B5I, LCD, IMG, CDI, CIF, P01, PDI, NRG, NCD, PXI, GI, FCD, VCD, C2D, CDR, DMG, BIF, IMA, FLIP, UIF, ISZ, WIM, ESD, VMDK, VHD and VDI. Additionally, the application works with archived data in RAR, ZIP, 7ZIP and CAB formats.

Disk recording. With PowerISO it is very easy to transfer any files to optical CD/DVD/Bluray disks. The same is true for burning image files to discs. Among supported file formats are ISO, BIN, NRG and CDI. A disc recording module allows you to adjust the speed, supports multibrewing (adding files to discs with remaining free space) and allows to erase RW discs.

Copy disks. PowerISO can copy data from any disk to your computer or to any other disk by direct copying (without creating a clipboard file). As a source for copying you can choose not only a physical disk drive, but also any mounted image file (which can be mounted by any other program).

The application also allows you to rip music from an Audio CD with an option to save it in MP3 format.

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Creating Images. PowerISO users can take an image from any inserted disc and save it to their PC in ISO, CUE or DAA format. If necessary, user can use data compression function by selecting the desired level of compression (normal, strong or maximum).

As in the previous case, you can use as a data source not only the disk drive, but any of the supported image file formats mounted in the virtual drive.

PowerISO can also encrypt the images it creates, so all you have to do is to enter a password (key).

Working with USB flash drives. PowerISO utility has three main functions for working with flash drives:

  1. Creating an image file based on the contents of the flash drive.
  2. Low-level data deletion from the flash drive (at the end of the procedure there is no way to recover the data).Creation of bootable USB flash drives. PowerISO software can help you place on a USB flash drive installation files for Windows and Linux operating systems, as well as any bootable programs. As a source data you can use any supported disk image files or the disks installed into the disk drive. In order to create bootable flash drives for different computers and purposes, it is possible to set one of the 4 recording methods: USB – HDD, USB – ZIP, USB – FDD and “Direct Image Writing”.

Converting (converting) images. All the above image file formats can be converted by PowerISO into ISO, BIN, CUE and DAA formats. Thus, you can manipulate any type of disk images by just converting them to one of these formats beforehand.

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Additional features

  • Built-in DISM tool for fine-tuning and editing disc images with Windows operating systems.
  • Convert audio files from one format to another. Such formats as MP3, M4A, WMA, WAV, APE, FLAC and OGG are supported. Quality settings are provided for all formats.
  • Possibility to mount images of different disc formats as virtual drives (up to 23 images can be mounted at the same time).
  • Editing sectors of images with HEX-editor.
  • Creating hard disk images up to 1024 MB in size, and adding any files/folders to them.
  • Creation of ZIP and 7ZIP archives and others.
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PowerISO v7.4

Limitations of the Free Edition

The free version of PowerISO does not allow you to create and edit image files larger than 300 MB. There are no other restrictions.


PowerISO v7.2 is a powerful and versatile tool for managing disk image files. With its user-friendly interface and extensive features, users can easily create, edit, extract, and mount various image file formats. The software also offers advanced options for compression, encryption, and splitting of large files.

Overall, PowerISO v7.2 is a reliable and efficient solution for anyone dealing with disk images, whether it’s for personal or professional use. Its download is easily accessible on the official website and it’s definitely worth considering for those in need of a robust disk image management tool.

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