Download MiniTool Power Data Recovery 7.5 for Windows, Free

I propose you another utility capable of quickly and reliably (if you believe the description of the developers of course) restore lost data from hard drives, also the program works with different media, flash cards, memory cards and so on, in general with all types of media, and download Power Data Recovery you can as always in the full news.

Sometimes as a result of accidental deletion, formatting, viruses, problems with partitioning, wrong shutdown, media formatting, exposure to various programs, damage to the MBR boot sector, etc., important files on the PC become inaccessible and impossible to access. In this case, the help of data recovery utilities is resorted to, one of which is Power Data Recovery.

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This program contains 5 recovery modules:

  • Recover deleted data,
  • CD/DVD recovery,
  • Digital Media Recovery,
  • Recovery of damaged disk partitions,
  • Recovery of Deleted Partitions.

The program uses specially developed algorithms to scan data carriers, identifying the smallest traces and data remnants, which can be used to recover files with maximum accuracy.

The intuitive interface and step-by-step wizard help you determine the actions to be taken at each stage of the recovery process. In short 3 major steps are required to bring lost files back to life: choose a recovery module, specify the storage medium and run a scan, select the necessary files to be recovered. A preview is available, which is especially useful if you don’t know the exact file name.

In a word, if you need to restore any data from any medium, we recommend to pay attention to this program from MiniTool Solution.

The developers assure that it will be possible to recover data even if you have completely deleted a file from your computer, even if the system was attacked by viruses and all files were deleted, even if you have formatted the section, even if there was a hardware failure, in general, there are many cases and the answer is one, you must use this application, all files will be intact, you can check yourself, I was lucky, until I had to seriously test such programs, I trust the needy.

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This program is able to work with different file systems, it is of course logical, otherwise why else would the necessary utility be able to accept only a particular system. Built-in and convenient wizard, which step by step allows you to find the right file, you have to select the type of scanning, specify the location, file format, fill in some other parameters, although to do this is not required, then you just have to wait until the end of the process and view the files, after you decide whether to restore them or not, it is good that the preview, otherwise it would be hard, not always remember the names.

The interface is very user friendly, everything is made quite stylish and clear, at the beginning you have to select the item you are interested in, then it is necessary to specify the parameters, which I wrote above and that’s actually all. Power Data Recovery is easy to understand and easy to use, I hope you won’t have any problems and I hope you will never need it, because losing information is always stressful and it’s better to make a copy and store it on a data carrier, but usually it happens that we forget about these measures and then we look for programs that can help in trouble.

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  • Fast algorithm operation, scanning, information retrieval
  • Can work with different media types
  • Supports hard drives over 8TB
  • Distributed conditionally free, to activate the MiniTool Power Data Recovery use the crack
  • Bootable disk will help when the system cannot be booted


MiniTool Power Data Recovery 7.5 is a reliable and effective data recovery software that can help users recover lost, deleted, and damaged files from various storage devices. Its user-friendly interface and step-by-step wizard make it easy for even non-technical users to recover their data.

With support for multiple file systems and file types, this software is versatile and can recover a wide range of files. Moreover, its preview feature allows users to preview their files before recovering them, ensuring that they recover the right files. Overall, if you have lost your important files, MiniTool Power Data Recovery 7.5 is definitely worth a try.

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