Download Minitool Power Data Recovery 7.0 for Windows

Power Data Recovery is an indispensable utility capable of restoring lost or damaged information. “Reanimation” of data is carried out after accidental deletion, formatting, physical damage to the Hard disk, as well as the activity of malicious software. All popular file systems are supported. Recovery is also possible on portable devices (floppy disks, USB drives, portable hard drives, etc.) Full name of the program MiniTool Power Data Recovery is considered one of the most powerful information restorer.

Power Data Recovery will not require any special training from you. The program can be used equally effectively by beginners and advanced users. Once the utility is started, you’ll need to decide on its mode of operation. There are 5 modes: CD/DVD recovery, digital media recovery, lost partitions, files from deleted or damaged partitions. More advanced options are available for each of these modes. Listing the parameters of the files to be reanimated (e.g., by specifying the format) will help improve the recovery result.

A quick search for the lost file did not yield anything? Then you should use the AdvancedFilter option, which gives you a list of recovered files according to the specified parameters (e.g., approximate size, creation date). In the end you only need to select the desired data from the list and save it to a PC or external drive.

Note, Power Data Recovery does not create a disk image, which sometimes complicates the main task. The efficiency of the program is provided by the Bootable Media Builder component, which is responsible for creating a bootable disk, which is necessary for data reanimation in case the operating system fails to work.

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Among the main advantages of Power Data Recovery are the following:

  • Five basic modes of operation;
  • Simple interface;
  • Quick advanced search for lost data;
  • Saving files to portable media;
  • Creating a bootable disk.

How to use Minitool Power Data Recovery?

First of all, you need to select the area to scan: it can be a DVD drive, a partition of the hard drive, a USB flash drive or a separate directory in the file system.

After the user has selected the scan area, MiniTool Power Data Recovery immediately starts to search for files. If you want to reduce the waiting time, you can set filters on: file format, volume (N to N KB) and date of change in the search settings.

To get the list of found objects you don’t have to wait for the search to finish: the files will gradually appear, you just have to wait until the necessary one appears.

Once some files are displayed in the program, the user should click on “Show Lost Files”, select the file format, for example, “PNG Image”, and then click on it to view.

If the found file turned out to be suitable, one should click on “Save”, specify the directory for saving (preferably use a different disk partition to avoid errors and overwriting the data) and wait for the result.

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Pros And Cons of Minitool Power Data Recovery


  • high performance;
  • convenient file search system;
  • possibility of data recovery from any devices;
  • interaction with the most popular file systems (NTFS, FAT32);
  • ability to save search results and parameters.


  • Only popular file formats (you can save PDF, but you can’t restore, for example, a book in djvu format);
  • Outdated interface of the program;
  • There is no way to preview video files.


Despite all the imperfections, MiniTool Power Data Recovery still allows you to save files after a disk formatting or a virus attack, so this tool is highly desirable to have on your device.

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