Download Icecream Screen Recorder Pro for Windows + Torrent

With the modern development of software technology, it is somehow inconvenient for the modern user to create screenshots with Icecream Screen Recorder PRO 6.23, and to turn to heavy video editors to create videos. Today everything is much easier, and screen capture programs have long combined these two functions. One of the successful examples of such utilities is Icecream Screen Recorder.

How to create screenshots quickly and conveniently?

After the installation, which is quite standard, we are redirected to the official site of Iskream Screen Recorder, where we can get acquainted with this or other software of the ICECREAM APPS company.

The program itself is a small rectangular window which can be freely moved around the desktop, but a full screen mode is absent, however, in such small utilities it is not necessary. There are two tasks available to the user in the main menu: screen capture (for video recording) and screenshot (desktop image):

It is worth noting that Icecream Screen Record is a very dynamic utility and copes with its purpose comprehensively. Well, that is, you can select not only the entire desktop or, say, some working area, but even the space around the mouse. And then record video for your mobile device:

The screenshot toolkit was a delight. Not only is the entire above-mentioned complex saved here, but we can also work further in a certain area. Let’s say we have selected a space, and we need to add an inscription in it. To avoid having to go to Photoshop or Paint, we can create the inscription directly in Ice Cream.

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Separately, let’s look at autodetection, which Screen Recorder has also successfully coped with. The user simply points the cursor at a certain area, and the utility automatically creates a working area. Most often it is just an area of a window or the entire desktop:

There are, alas, not many settings here. And the most important disadvantage is the limitations. For example, to change codecs you need to update your software to Icecream Screen Recorder PRO, but don’t worry, the basic tools are enough for both video and screenshots.

icecream screen recorder pro activation key

The video works very interestingly as well. Pretty standard settings – choose a zone and take pictures. But here again – you can draw, write text and other things. We can install a webcam, which is very useful for filming yearslong videos or video tutorials. Also there is an opportunity to scale and change the work area on the pixels of the monitor.

And an additional advantage is the story. When you create a lot of desktop snapshots or video files, it will be quite difficult to find the right one. But here you can see the files in the list, distributed by date – very convenient.

icecream screen recorder pro activation key

You can download the Screenshot right on our resource. Especially for you, we have prepared a ready link to the official site. In addition, it already has russification (even in the parameters do not need to change anything), and it does not require any tablets.


Icecream Screen Recorder Pro is a useful software for individuals who frequently need to record their computer screen for various purposes such as tutorials, presentations, or gaming. With its intuitive user interface, powerful features, and high-quality output, Icecream Screen Recorder Pro provides a seamless and efficient screen recording experience.

The software’s ability to record webcam footage and audio simultaneously, as well as its annotation and editing tools, make it a comprehensive solution for content creators. Overall, Icecream Screen Recorder Pro is a reliable and feature-rich screen recording tool that is definitely worth considering for anyone in need of such functionality.

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