Download GOM Player Plus for Windows [32bit/64bit]

Not a bad media player has been updated, the feature which can be called support for playing almost any video format, you can also easily and conveniently watch videos for cell phones and different portable devices, download GOM Player can be below. The player has a nice interface, a lot of settings, videos can be added through the interface, you can simply move it to the main window, you can work with subtitles, audio tracks, and so on, basically everything like everywhere else.

скачать GOM Player

Please note that the program contains all the most necessary codecs for comfortable watching video, but if you find a file where you don’t have a codec installed, the player will automatically search and you will know which site can download the missing codec, then the software will pick it up and you can continue watching, very convenient indeed.

GOM Player бесплатно

Also wants to note the patented technology of the developers, with which you can view corrupted files format AVI, that is, if the file is corrupted or you just downloaded it, GOM Player can easily play it, this can also be called a plus, as not all programs of this type can boast this. It is worth noting the extended support for subtitles, you will be able to change their font, style, location on the screen, you can connect additional effects to the letters, so they can be configured in detail.

GOM Player скачать бесплатно


You can download GOM Player English version and to activate it you can find a license key or crack for the full registration. Player users capture the images that are playing, and then you can save them in the format you want. The player has a handy tool to manage playlists. If you think the built-in options are not enough, there is a special, advanced mode in which you can configure everything in detail, so be careful in it and do not change anything at all.

The program will allow you to edit the equalizer parameters, you can choose a segment and repeat it as many times as you want, there are also built-in effects that are easy to put on the video. That’s it for the program in general, I hope you like the player, in general it’s good, I can’t say anything bad.

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List of features and advantages:

  • Built-in equalizer and soundtrack selection support;
  • Working with subtitles;
  • Improving picture quality (adding anti-aliasing and noise);
  • Reading playlists with links to streaming audio or video content;
  • Adding bookmarks;
  • Playing DVDs and Blu-ray discs;
  • The player does not depend on external codecs that are installed on your PC;
  • Supports AVI, MKV, MP4, WAV, WMA, DIVX, TP, M4V, GOM, 3GP, etc;
  • Connecting DSP-effects and plugins from Winamp;
  • Integrated support for TV outputs on image capture and output boards;
  • Can be controlled with mouse, keyboard and hot keys;
  • Implemented support for viewing bit or under-loaded clips.


  • Works with multiple file types
  • No ads
  • Sleek and streamlined multiplayer skin
  • It’s possible to add subtitles to files

Another plus is the absence of commercials. No annoying ads appear in GOM Player Plus and it allows the user to watch videos in peace. The list of formats remains the same as in the free version of the player. It did not particularly need new formats, so the Korean manufacturers have not changed anything in this criterion.

Another indispensable advantage is that this player has the entire set of necessary codecs immediately after installation. This means that you will not have to install additional codecs.


  • Not all codecs are supported
  • Advanced features will require a paid download
  • Not compatible with 32-bit operating systems
  • Requires sufficient system memory (22.55 megabytes)


GOM Player Plus is a reliable media player that offers a range of features for an enhanced viewing experience. Its ability to play a variety of video and audio formats, as well as its support for high-quality video playback, make it a popular choice among users.

Moreover, the software is easy to use, with a user-friendly interface that allows users to customize their viewing preferences. Overall, GOM Player Plus is a recommended download for anyone looking for a comprehensive media player with advanced features.

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