Download Free Folder Lock 7.8.5 for Windows

Folder Lock is a program for locking and protecting folders. It sets a password on a folder and hides it from the explorer, so that unauthorized people cannot access it. Includes other security tools – encrypted data storage, irretrievable file deletion, external drive protection, data backup, system file cleanup, etc.

Folder Lock uses a master password to protect folders – you create it the first time you run the program. Remember it, because if you forget it, you won’t be able to restore it. Now you can protect a folder – to do that, go to the Lock Folders section and drag the desired folder into the program window (or add it manually). After that the folder will disappear from Explorer and you will be able to open it only from the Folder Lock window after entering the master password.

The program has other features for security:

  1. Encrypted storage. The program creates a secure storage, which is displayed as a mapped drive and mounted on the system if necessary (like in VeraCrypt). The files placed there will also be encrypted.
  2. Protection of removable disks and drives – flash drives, CDs, etc.
  3. Irretrievable deletion of files (shredder).
  4. Bank card manager. This is a secure vault where you can write down your card details so you don’t forget – number, password, etc.
  5. History Cleaner. The program can delete temporary system files, application history, clipboard data, etc.
  6. Creating backups on the program’s cloud.

Folder Lock has received several awards from various publications and websites as the best encryption program

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Features of Folder Lock

  • Protect folders from prying eyes.
  • Ability to create encrypted storage.
  • Protection of external drives.
  • Simple and clear interface (despite the lack of a Russian version).
  • Supports Windows 7 and higher.
  • Storage of confidential information on the official resource of the developer.
  • Ability to function in automatic mode.
  • Password protection of any folders.
  • You can download Folder Lock for free.
  • The utility will reliably protect email with all attachments.
  • Lock Folder allows you to block access to credit card data.
  • The program gives the opportunity to protect any folders, files and documents of interest to the owner of the PC.
  • In order to maximize the protection of information, if an incorrect password is entered incorrectly, the monitor and keyboard should be turned off.
  • Ability to encrypt data on removable media and optical disks.
  • Достойная программа защиты любых файлов, папок и документов, находящихся на ПК.
  • Поддерживаются такие операционные системы , как Windows 7, 8 и Windows XP.
  • Хорошая оптимизация с Windows 10.
  • Наличие грамотно спроектированной командной строки .
  • Folder Lock Windows можно скачать бесплатно.
  • Шифрование данных на картах памяти и прочих носителях информации, в том числе и на электронной почте.


  • On Windows, the trial version offers only 20 free runs

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Folder Lock is a powerful software tool that allows users to secure their sensitive data and protect it from unauthorized access. With its user-friendly interface and advanced security features, Folder Lock provides a comprehensive solution for anyone looking to keep their files and folders safe and secure.

Whether you’re a business professional or a home user, Folder Lock can help you protect your valuable data from prying eyes. So if you’re in need of a reliable file encryption and password protection tool, consider downloading Folder Lock today.

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