Download DU Meter 8.01 Build 4827 + Repack + Portable

DU Meter is a program that allows you to monitor the bandwidth of your Internet connection.

DU Meter displays graphs updated in real time, and also has the ability to generate reports for a selected period and notifications when some events occur. You can receive weekly or monthly reports on Internet traffic from your computer to your email account and set limits on various Internet activities.

Starting with DU Meter 5, the program can block access to the internet in case of violations of the limits set, without the user’s participation. Many Internet users are convinced that their “unlimited” Internet access allows them to browse, send and download as much data, movies and music as they want, but ISPs all over the world have their own restrictions, exceeding which can even result in termination of service. DU Meter allows you to create detailed reports of traffic spending, and be aware of when your limit has been reached.

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The appearance of displayed traffic can be edited by color, transparency, refresh rate. Based on current values you can forecast traffic volume for a week or month ahead. There is a built-in “stopwatch” for quick readout of volume and speed indicators between pressing Start and Stop.

The network connection viewer is very handy, displaying the address, port and status related to the process. A list of the ports involved allows you to identify abnormal traffic. In case the system is reinstalled you can make a backup copy of the database and delete unnecessary entries from it. It is worth noting that the application consumes minimal CPU resources, although it acts as a kind of firewall without a blocking function.

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If you successfully install DU Meter, you will definitely need an activation code. However, in this case we suggest using a special tandem of files for replacement. Do not forget to stop the active service in the Windows system processes beforehand.

Pretty handy program that is able to monitor in real time the Internet speed, of course you can also view detailed statistics of traffic consumption, download DU Meter can be below.

The program has a flexible settings related to accounting, for example, you can set the time at which traffic control should be off, you can view the data in graphical form, the statistics is quite detailed, you can watch the consumed megabytes for a day and a year.

So, the program Meter DU for free can monitor your computer’s network activity. The software can create graphs of Internet traffic consumption in real time, as well as create reports and notifications based on the amount of data received or transmitted. This trick can be useful for those who need to monitor network activity on their PC.

Dreamed of tracking download speeds and Internet traffic consumption while surfing? Your dream has come true, plus the extensive information display settings are also a joy.


In addition to its core monitoring capabilities, DU Meter also offers a range of advanced features such as customizable alerts, bandwidth usage reporting, and network activity logging. These features allow users to gain a deeper understanding of their internet usage and take control of their data usage. Furthermore, DU Meter is highly customizable, allowing users to tailor its settings and notifications to their specific needs and preferences.

Another great aspect of DU Meter is its compatibility with a wide range of operating systems and network configurations. Whether you are using Windows or macOS, DU Meter can seamlessly integrate with your existing network setup and provide you with real-time insights into your internet usage.

Overall, DU Meter is a valuable tool for anyone looking to optimize their internet usage and avoid unwanted surprises on their monthly bill. With its intuitive interface, comprehensive features, and compatibility with various systems, DU Meter is an essential download for anyone seeking to take control of their network traffic and data usage.

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