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AVS Video Editor is a multifunctional video editor that allows you to perform a wide range of operations on videos of different formats. The program has a convenient and user-friendly interface that, coupled with a learning system (text prompts when hovering over the active elements), allows beginners to quickly master the application control and editing/mounting of video materials.

AVS Video Editor Functions

AVS Video Editor has all the tools you need to work with video footage. These include:

  • Trim, cut, split, merge and other basic operations on imported video files.
  • Performing various operations on audio (both individual files and audio tracks in the video). You can use AVS Video Editor to amplify audio, remove extraneous noise, fine-tune frequencies with an equalizer, perform audio compression and other operations.
  • Create transitions. The Video Editor offers dozens of ready-to-use transitions for creating professional-quality video footage.
  • Effects Creation. Add one of dozens of visual effects to any imported video to make your video more effective and presentable.
  • Adding text. AVS Video Editor also allows you to add an unlimited number of text materials to the movies. This feature is useful when creating video presentations or text accompaniment (subtitles).
  • Creating menus for DVDs. With this editor you can create a DVD menu (opens when you start the DVD) of any complexity.

The AVS Video Editor provides additional auxiliary functions:

  • Recording from microphone. This function is useful if you want to add audio/voice accompaniment to your video.
  • Recording from camera. If the user has a camera that connects to a computer, the AVS Video Editor can be used to create video recordings for subsequent editing or editing.
  • Capturing video from the monitor. If you need to create a video guide on how to use an application or configure the settings of the operating system, video material on the game playback, AVS Video Editor will easily do it, providing the user with a convenient tool for capturing images from the computer monitor. This feature has a lot of settings.
  • Video and Audio Conversion. If you just want to convert multimedia files from one format to another, just add them to the program and then save them in the desired format without performing any other operations.

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Features Of AVS Video Editor

One of the key features of AVS Video Editor is the simplest possible operation. The main tool of the program is a timeline on which video/audio footage is placed for further editing. You can add several parallel video and/or audio files to the timeline, which allows you to perform fragmentary merging and other operations.

The second feature is support for many formats of multimedia files. Here are some of them:

  • Import (read): all HD Video formats (Blu-ray, WMV HD, etc.), AVI, DV AVI, MP4, DVD, VOB, MKV, VCD, FLV, 3GP, H.263/264, MPEG-1/2/4 and others (over 60).
  • Export (save): all HD Video, AVI, MP4, WMV, 3GP, 3G2, MOV, H.263/264, DVD and other formats (more than 25).

AVS Video Editor is paid, but you can install and use it for free with some functional limitations. The application has full support for the Russian language. The program can run even on weak computers running Windows XP and above (Windows version 7 or higher is recommended). 32 and 64 bit systems are supported.

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Final Thoughts

AVS Video Editor 8.0 is a reliable and efficient video editing software that provides users with a comprehensive set of tools and features for creating professional-looking videos. With its intuitive interface, easy-to-use controls, and numerous customization options, this software is suitable for both novice and experienced users.

The ability to import a wide range of video formats and the support for various video effects, transitions, and filters make AVS Video Editor 8.0 a versatile and flexible tool for any video editing needs.

Additionally, its ability to directly upload edited videos to popular video sharing platforms and burn them to DVD or Blu-ray discs provides users with more options for sharing their creations. Overall, AVS Video Editor 8.0 is a powerful yet accessible video editing software that offers excellent value for money.

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