Download Avast Internet Security 2016 for Windows + Torrent

Today you have the opportunity to download Avast Internet Security 2016 completely free and use it for 6 months (provided you have not previously installed a trial version of this antivirus).

Avast Internet Security 2016 is a comprehensive antivirus that has many tools to protect your home network, secure online shopping and online banking. This version of Avast has a firewall, anti-spam and a component that protects your device from DNS spoofing.

activation key for avast internet security 2016

So what are the main features of Avast Internet Security 2016?

They are Antivirus and Antispyware, Password Manager, Home Security Network Scanner, HTTPS Scanning, SecureDNS, SafeZone Web Browser, Sandbox, Antispam, Firewall, SmartScan, Software Updater.

Avast Internet Security 2016 is one of the most popular browsers in the world. About 230 million people use it to protect their computers.

Avast Internet Security 2016 is an updated version of one of the most popular comprehensive antivirus programs, offering absolutely everything you need to protect your computers, important data, home networks and safe surfing on the global web.

The installation package includes a free 90-day trial.

The 2016 version of the antivirus is based on Avast core, already proven for years, plus a number of additional protection tools, such as a firewall, an online banking protection component, an anti-spam filter, and an improved version of the security module.

Avast Internet Security will be useful as a comprehensive protection for any online activity. Particular attention is paid to issues such as:

  • protection against fake banking sites;
  • improvement of secure online payments algorithm;
  • protection against phishing sites and phishing links in emails;
  • improved https scanner, which now provides even better protection against certificate spoofing.

activation key for avast internet security 2016

The main functions of Avast internet security 2016:

  • Home Network Security – a service that protects home network components;
  • Safe Cabinet – a centralized tool for making online transactions and purchases through a special secure cabinet;
  • Browser Cleanup, a component for clearing the browser of unnecessary toolbars and convenient default settings;
  • Anti-spam – filtering and blocking spam emails and scanning incoming messages;
  • Secure DNS – a service that protects against fraudulent sites that can steal personal data, account and bank card numbers and passwords, and other confidential information.

What’s new in the beta version of Antivirus 2016:

  • Scan https – a tool for detecting and decrypting secure TLS/SSL traffic using certificates generated by Avast Anti-Virus;
  • Safezone Browser – a component that comes with the premium version of the antivirus; a browser for
  • Avast Passwords – password manager with unique and non-selectable passwords for accounts; browser for maximum security for banking and payment sites;
  • Updated user interface.


Avast Internet Security 2016 is a reliable and effective software solution for protecting your computer against online threats. Its advanced features such as anti-phishing, anti-spam, and firewall protection make it an ideal choice for both personal and business use.

Additionally, its user-friendly interface and easy installation process make it accessible to all types of users, regardless of their technical expertise. If you are looking for a comprehensive internet security suite to safeguard your online activities, Avast Internet Security 2016 is definitely worth considering. So, download it now and enjoy a safe and secure online experience.

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